year-round-foundation-how-to-make-two-colors-last-four-seasonsIt’s pretty obvious that when the weather gets warmer and we are outside enjoying every second of it that we'll be getting our JLo glow on, right? Girls who wear foundation know that your skin shade tends to change in the warmer months - which means many will run to the store to buy a new foundation to match their summer skin tone.

I’m pretty sure every sales associate will tell you that not only do you need to buy a new color, but you need to buy a new color that’s $50 that you’ll wear for only 3 months.  No thanks. 

Let me share with you a few professional tips and tricks to make your dollars and foundation last long.

First of all, this is the best makeup advice I was taught when I first started doing makeup. We can’t carry around the whole Bobbi Brown foundation line in our kit when we go to do makeup.  We have to grab the general colors for all skin tones and get to create our own colors for each of our clients.  

The best time to match your foundation is in the fall.  It’s just right after our tan is fading away and our true color is popping through.  The best place to match your foundation is on your neck.  Everyone has multiple colors in their skin since we wash our face, moisturize and use makeup, and our awkward teen years may have left some scaring. 

There is nothing worse than being matched to your foundation on your face and getting in the car and realizing your face is a different color than your neck.  Go to the store or counter and get the proper foundation that works best for your skin and match it to your neck.   When you do this in the fall, you want to pick up two bottles - one that matches you right then and a shade or two darker for the warmer months.

The reason why you want to buy two colors is because you can mix the two for the seasons.  So for summer maybe you will just wear the darker color on your skin and in the winter season just the lighter shade.

 Now with the leftover money you are saving from your year-round foundation trick, go treat yourself to something fabulous!

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