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Cat lovers, meet the Werewolf Cat, a creepy but adorable feline that eerily resembles a werewolf because of a genetic mutation. The "Werewolf cat," known  formally as a Lykoi (the Greek word for "wolf"), was first domesticated in 2011, and the internet can't get enough! Grumpy cat, you have some competition. 

Founding breeder Johnny Gobble and the International Cat Association say the Lykoi occurs naturally because of mutations in the wild cat population, but not everyone believes this claim.  

“People are creeped out by them -- there are people out there that completely hate them," Gobble said. "There’s people out there that hate me because they think I spliced DNA.”

17050-yes-you-can-own-a-werewolf-kitten-1Photo Credit: YouTube

According to ABC News, cat and dog lovers won't have to compromise between the pets - apparently the kitties exhibit dog-like behavior like wagging their tails, tracking scents, and playing fetch!  

If you want a Werewolf Cat, be prepared for a long wait list and a hefty price tag! Because they're so rare, you may end up paying $2,500 for one kitten! 

Photo Credit: REX Shutterstock

Dr. Johnny Gobble
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