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You Asked Your Doctor This?

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Surprised look health articleDoctors hear it all from their patients and no questions are off limits.  Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor Dept. Ob/Gyn, Mount Sinai School of Medicine shares real questions she hears from patients and gives you the real truth.

Condoms prevent transmission of all STDs

Myth! Condoms do an amazing job of preventing many STDs however are not fully protective against those infections that are transmitted through skin to skin contact such as Herpes and HPV. In other words, condoms do not completely cover all exposed genital skin.

You shouldn’t exercise with your period

Myth! There is no reason you need to hold off on exercise if you have your period. Truth be told, exercise will likely diminish cramps, help with PMS and may even help to alleviate a heavy flow over the long term.

You need a myriad of products and perfumes to keep your vagina clean

Myth! In truth, the vagina is amazing in that it has self-cleaning mechanisms to maintain a delicate pH balance. While many over the counter vaginal washes and fragrant products are quite popular and typically not harmful, they are really unnecessary and for sensitive women, can actually cause more harm than good. With that said, if you are prone to infection, a pH balancing vaginal insert, such as RepHresh Gel might be helpful.

If you have a vaginal discharge, it’s most definitely a yeast infection

Myth! Here’s a pearl…Yeast typically causes a white thick non-foul discharge and intense itching. Often confusing, a bacterial imbalance, BV, typically results in a malodorous grayish discharge with itching and burning. Not infrequently, over the counter products can cause itching, irritation, burning and a rash. I find women will often confuse these entities and treat all of the above with an over the counter anti-yeast preparation and find they do not improve. Check in with your gyno if this is the case.

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