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Think you've had a bad breakup? You've got nothing on this guy! You have to watch this video to believe how this German man dealt with an especially tough divorce. Is his angsty response genius breakup revenge or just plain wacky? We're still deciding, but the results are hilarious (and hopefully therapeutic!). 

A man based in Germany named Max is selling half of his ex's belongings on eBay. And when we say half, we mean exactly half.

Bad-Breakup-2Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli 

Der.Juli, Martin's eBay username, posted a video of himself sawing all their possessions in half, including a car, an iPhone, a couch... You get the idea. 

The adrenaline-filled video, entitled "For Laura," is sarcastically captioned: "Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years, Laura!!!! You’ve really earned half. Greetings to my successor."

Bad-Breakup-3Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

The video also includes links to the halved items, which are available to purchase on eBay. 

Bad-breakup-4Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

Bad-breakup-6Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

The divorce court apparently ordered the couple to split their possessions 50/50, and it appears that the spurned lover took this literally. 

bad-breakup-5Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

Ultimate breakup revenge fantasy? We're just wondering how his ex-wife reacted when she got her half...

bad-breakup-7Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

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