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One in three women will die from heart disease.  If it’s not you, then it could be your friend, your mother or your co-worker.  It’s quite alarming. But what’s more alarming are the results from a recent Yale University study finding that younger women are less likely to notice the signs or understand risks for a heart attack. 

Younger women assume that they won't be affected by heart attacks, even if they have inherited risks.

The study worked with 30 women between the ages of  30 and 55 who had suffered a heart attack within the past week.  What they discovered is that the majority of the women had inherited risk factors. 

Judith Lichtman, Head of Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology, says, “Young women with multiple risk factors and a strong family history of cardiac disease should not assume they are too young to have a heart attack.  Participants in our study said they were concerned about initiating a false alarm in case their symptoms were due to something other than a heart attack. Identifying strategies to empower women to recognize symptoms and seek prompt care without stigma or perceived judgment may be particularly critical for young women at increased risk for heart disease.”

The main issue here is knowing your risk factors - Those you can control and the ones that are from your genetic history.

Risk factors that you can modify, treat or control with lifestyle changes include:

• Lowering your high cholesterol
• Stop smoking
• Reduce high blood pressure
• Exercise regularly
• Maintain a healthy body weight
• Control and prevent diabetes

Be aware of your risk factors and make changes where you can.  You can live a healthy, happy life with a few changes. 

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