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iStock 615245944 CroppedChoosing all the products and items on your wish list and building out your baby registry is a rite of passage for any new mom - and it can be one of the best bonding experiences with your significant other as well. However, as wonderful and dedicated as your partner might be, they are never going to have as much insight as a friend who's recently had a baby herself.

She's Been There

That's because a new mom has already thought through many of the things that you'll need, and she's experienced all the difficulties and surprises that come with having a baby. After all, you'll never be 100% prepared, but you can try your best - and your fellow moms are your allies. When you're having a baby (especially your first), you need all the help you can get.

She Knows What You Definitely Need

Of course you need a crib, a stroller, and all that. However, did you realize that a certain type of stroller is infinitely easier to fold up and place in your car, or that you can find one that will snap around a car seat for infants? You will also probably never ever use certain items so there's no need to register for them. Having been through it already, a new mom knows what products were the biggest help for her and her baby and you can learn from it.

She Knows You What Need

Another reason why you should have your mom friend or relative help with your registry is that she also knows your personality and lifestyle. For instance, if you're a techie type who'd love a baby monitor with audio and video along with plenty of other bells and whistles, then that's worth a splurge for you personally. Or if you are obsessed with design and aesthetics and want a certain look for your baby's nursery or other gear, it might be worth upgrading to some premium brands.

And What You Definitely Don't

Walking into a store or shopping online to build a registry can be incredibly overwhelming, especially with everything else you have to do as a new mom. And since you're not buying it (yet), it can be tempting to just throw everything on there and sort it out later. However, that approach can definitely lead to you not getting the things you actually need from your registry, as well as getting things you'll never really use. And who wants that?

Becoming a mom, especially for the first time, is a complicated but rewarding journey. But you have help along the way in the form of more experienced moms, so ask for it! Especially when building your registry at our sponsor Babies"R"Us - ask for your fellow moms for tips, must-haves, and advice to help you Be Prepared-ish.


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