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16906-your-guide-to-2016-election-swag-headerPhoto Credit: Getty

Election season means brushing up on hot topic issues, watching some juicy debates, and perhaps most entertaining of all - nabbing some campaign swag.  worth the extra bucks to support our favorite candidate (in some cases, more than a few extra bucks). But part of the fun has to be the incredibly out-there campaign swag options that we just can't ignore.

After all, there's no better icebreaker at your next dinner party than a Jeb Bush guacamole bowl or a "Grillary" Clinton apron?


That "guaca bowle" you see above is priced at a fantastic $75, courtesy of Jeb Bush. His campaign site teases that he and his wife Columba are all about their guacamole.

Spoiler alert: This bowl doesn't come with Jeb's super secret guacamole recipe... yet. 

Now, for Rand Paul's signed copy of the constitution. He advises that it's "perfect for comfortable carrying in the pocket of a sport coat, a purse, laptop bag or in the back pocket of some worn out jeans," but with the price tag (a cool $1,000), we're betting you might want to keep it framed somewhere in your house. Or not, your choice. 

Loving these wacky options?


Check out nine hilarious and out-there campaign swag items you kind of, well, definitely need in your life. 

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