iStock 617362652 CroppedYou've decided that it's time to choose your signature scent, but we know how hard it can be to find just the right scent. When it comes to perfume, each subtle note and detail can really make an impression, so choosing something that represents who you is a good way to make that first impression a memorable one . Here are some tips aon mixing your personality with the right aroma.

The Life of the Party

If you command the attention of the room wherever you go, stand out with a perfume that captures that confidence while playing up your fun side.

Fragrance: Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

Notes: coffee, vanilla, jasmine, pear, orange blossom, patchouli

Review: Black Opium is soft and feminine while playing the balancing act with rocker-chic. The floral notes become extremely approachable with the hint of coffee.

The Sweetheart

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or just someone who cannot help but spread smiles to those you interact with, a perfume with light and airy floral combinations will perfectly pair with that charm.

Fragrance: Walk On Air, Kate Spade

Notes: linden blossom, neroli, bergamot, lily of the valley, magnola, jasmine, white iris

Review: Walk On Air is soft and dreamy. The variety of floral notes does not distract the senses with harsh amounts. Instead, Kate Spade has given us a melody of scents that could easily be taken straight from a breathtaking garden.

The Sexy and Spontaneous

If you have a bit of mystery to your image and like it that way, try a deeper scent. By choosing a perfume with rich notes balanced by classic staples, you can achieve a sexy and sultry essence.

Fragrance: Nirvana Black, Elizabeth and James

Notes: violet, sandalwood, vanilla

Review: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen hit it out of the park with their Nirvana duo, but Nirvana Black has everything we love. This is the perfect formula for sophistication with a masculine twist and is flawless for every situation.

The Casual

Are you wanting a more subtle scent that still gives off a delightful air? Stick with a perfume that has a few simple notes that stand out, rather than a complex formula.

Fragrance: Live Joyously, Philosophy

Notes: pink peonies, tangerine, patchouli

Review:The focus on peonies is wonderfully paired with a bite of citrus and played down with patchouli, but not by much! Live Joyously is a scent that will not overwhelm those who come close. Instead, the light fragrance will most likely hit them without even noticing.

The Free Spirit

Looking for something that can really remind you of your connection to the nature around you? Go for a natural pairing of fruits and florals.

Fragrance: Rhythm, Burberry Brit

Notes: lemon, orange, jasmine, lotus blossom, lilac, amber

Review:Rhythm acts as a classic staple of floral perfume that received a wild and irresistible makeover. The notes combine into a delightful exotic aroma while deriving from something as simple as a lemon and a bit of jasmine.

The Beach Bum

Are you someone who struggles through spring at the exciting thought of a just-out-of-reach summer? Embrace your daydreams and channel your future into your current perfume.

Fragrance: Costa Azzurra, Tom Ford

Notes: Oak, Driftwood, Lavender, Vanilla

Review: Tom Ford gives us a much-needed glimpse into a beach-filled future. The combination of natural driftwood and oak bring us that outdoorsy aroma while blending with scents that make you feel like vacation is starting early.

The Adventurous

If you are someone who is not quite ready to commit to one signature spring fragrance, fear not! Try out a collection set that has a little bit of everything while remaining in a consistent grouping of scents.

Fragrance: Rock the Agescollection, Jo Malone

The Rock the Ages collection allows you to try out five scents that each explore a different historical era with unique note pairings. One day experience an aroma of pomegranate and Casablanca lily, and the next, birch and black pepper.

With these tips, you are well on your way to picking out the perfect scent to embody your personality this spring. However, feel free to check out all of these delightful fragrances because who knows, one of these could be better suited for your spring scent!

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