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It might seem like your cat or dog doesn't do much. They eat, sleep, use the facilities/back yard, and maybe play with their toys. And of course, hope for a little attention from you!

A Cat's Day Planner

6:00am. Glare pointedly at the birds chirping outside the window. Roll over and go back to sleep. 

8:00am. Knock things over and meow while the humans attempt to get ready for school or work.

10:00am. Assess the food offerings from the humans, take a nibble. 

12:00am. Take another nibble, the food is delicious (just remember to play hard to get and don't let the humans know you think so). 

2:30pm. Another nibble before napping in a window or in the warmth of a sunbeam.

5:00pm. Another nibble before switching up napping spots. Perhaps on the human's coat or sweater this time. 

10:00pm. Move to the human's bed and see how much room you can take up. You need to stretch and get your beauty sleep, after all. 

2:30am. Night racing time! Race with fellow cats or just aim to beat one's personal best, while singing the song of our people at the top of our lungs. 

A Dog's Day Planner

6:00am. Wake up from a dream about chasing rabbits through a field or birds through a marsh. OMG where's my human? Where's breakfast? What's happened during the past eight hours? 

9:00am. Give the humans a sad, guilt-inducing look as they leave for work or school. Make sure they will miss you and hurry back!

9:30am. Gather up all your toys and run through the house playing, making sure to scatter them as much as possible. 

11:30am. Lunch time! If you have any food left from breakfast, now's the time to chow down.

1:00pm. Nap time. The humans will be home soon so you need to rest up! 

5:00pm. Humans are home! Time for a walk! Be sure to say hello to all the human and animal neighbors and get some good exercise in.

6:30pm. Eat a healthy dinner - gotta keep in good shape to protect your house and the neighborhood! 

7:00pm. Hint at your need for more playtime and some new toys by dropping your overly chewed rawhides and squeak toys by your human's feet.

9:00pm. Time to snuggle with your humans and sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day!

As you can see—cats and dogs have very different personalities and personal agendas. However, there's one thing they all have in common, and that's the need for a healthy diet that's made up of whole foods and limited to the best ingredients.

That would be something like CANIDAE Grain Free Pure, featuring simple recipes made with fresh meat first and whole foods. CANIDAE is an independent and family-owned company, and they pride themselves on making great pet food using the same great ingredients they want for their own pets. You can find CANIDAE Grain Free Pure formulas at Petco!   


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