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There's something inherently exciting about the beginning of summer; maybe it's the feeling of freedom now that school's out (even if you're not a student and don't have kids, that mindset sticks with you!), maybe it's the encouragement from everywhere to take a vacation, or maybe it's just feeling the sunshine on your skin after a long winter. 

Whatever it is, we want you to make the most of every summer moment. And that starts with making your own personal bucket list! We've got some ideas to get you started...

  • Spend one weekend doing a complete technology and social media detox. 
  • Pick up and finish at least one book that you've been meaning to read. 
  • Cheer on your local baseball team (it doesn't matter its Major League or Little League). 
  • Switch out all your jeans, leggings, and yoga pants for breezy summer dresses. 
  • Ban black from your wardrobe for one week, and see if your mood lifts! 
  • Eat at least one meal outside per week. 
  • Make homemade popsicles or ice cream! 
  • Have fresh fruit for dessert every single day. 
  • Play kickball, capture the flag, or hide and seek. 
  • Pick up a new summer scent.
  • Try a new sport - think stand-up paddle boarding, beach volleyball, or something that gets you going outside!
  • Plant a garden - even if it's just on your windowsill! 
  • Figure out your perfect SPF strategy - sunscreen, floppy hats, and more. 
  • Walk barefoot - the feeling of toes in the sand or toes in the grass is one of the finest simple pleasures of summer.
  • Take an afternoon nap, without guilt. You might as well sleep through the hottest part of the day! 
  • Eat all the tomato sandwiches (and add avocado for a 201 twist).
  • Enjoy something unicorn themed.
  • Enjoy something mermaid themed.

What's on your bucket list for summer? 


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