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Photo Credit: YouTube/Pasdidée 

Remember that shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho where Marion Crane gets stabbed? Well, Psycho reimagined with kittens is even better! YouTube user Pasdidée recently uploaded a video called Psycats where kittens Anthony Purrkins and Chanet Leigh act out that famous scene side-by-side with the legendary original from the 1960 film. 

Is it just us, or do Anthony Purrkins and Chanet Leigh give Marion Crane and Norman Bates a lesson in dramatic acting skills?

If you love this video, check out these other times cats perfectly re-enacted scenes from our favorite movies or our fav music videos!

1. Frozen

Adorable kittens team up with barbies and plenty of props to tell the story of beloved sisters Anna and Elsa from the Disney hit movie. 

2. Katy Perry's "Roar"

We might like this parody better than Katy Perry's original! Check out this adorable kitty showing everyone who's boss! 

3. LOST 

Were you having major withdrawal symptoms after Lost ended? Relive the whole show through this dramatic retelling in less than two minutes... with cats, of course.  

4. The Lion King

This list would not be complete without a cat-tastic retelling of The Lion King 

5. Game Of Thrones

We couldn't resist singing along to this catchy kitty version of the Games Of Thrones theme song! 

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